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Your career path


Our firm, being a boutique accounting firm, means that you will be exposed to multiple facets of the business environment, instead of one or two highly focused facet. You will acquire multiple skill sets and learn to be a well rounded professional.


Our career progression depends on ability and performance and is not time or experience based. Your performance will be benchmarked against your colleague with a similar level of experience. Once you have consistently achieved the benchmarked level of performance for a level, you will be promoted to take on a more challenging role. Below are the roles and likely progression path you may follow in our firm:



Most candidates will start here, and will be exposed to businesses in various industries. Initially you will not be expected to carry on a leadership role, but will be closely supervised and mentored by our more senior colleagues. 



You will be expected to plan and carry out engagements by yourself and have a basic understanding of how business works and how you can add value to clients. You will also be commencing your studies to become a CPA.


Senior Associate

You will be expected to be a team leader in most routine engagements. You would also have obtained your professional qualifications. You will also be expected to mentor trainees and provide guidance in their daily work.


Manager / Supervisor

You will be expected to be technical proficient and up to date with latest development in standards and legislations. You will be contributing to the firm knowhow and precedents, meeting and resolving issues for clients. You will also by critiquing your fellow colleague work, and be responsible for the firm's quality assessment procedures.



As a boutique firm of forty years and run by a sole practitioner, we have begun to look for potential candidates to join us as partners and expand our business capacities and offerings. We would love to offer this opportunity internally to the right candidate.

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