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Graduate recruitment


We recruit the right people for us throughout the year and welcome applications for internship and trainee positions. Our emphasis are placed on fresh graduates with little or no working experience.


Your first five years with us


Because we are a boutique firm and we expend a significant amount of resources in staff development, our interview process is honest and aim to explain our firm culture clearly. Once we accept a candidate we  expect that they will stay with us for the long term. Our planning and development are done in five years increment and is ideal for candidate looking at a career, and not a stint in accounting.


With this understanding, in order to succeed in your work, you will need to take personal responsibility for your studies, time and work commitment. If you do, your path with us will be rewarding and fulfilling.


All of our trainees will be expected to be studying towards a professional qualification such as HKICPA, CPAA or an equivalent programme. The studying is likely to be a big part of your first few years with us. We understand and synthesize with the pressure you might be under, and have developed and fine tune our work ethics to support your progress working towards becoming a professional accountant.


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