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Annual tax filing and completion of tax returns


We prepare tax filings for clients using proprietory developed software technologies that minimise errors. We also provide comprehensive disclosures which are often more detailed and clear in our tax computations than those of our peers.


Our Firm also uses a vigorous tax checklist that link with our clients' financial data to ensure that items that deserve more attention or consideration are flagged. This is to ensure highest accuracy in our work done for clients.


Our experience indicates that our clients' submissions have very little follow up queries from the IRD thereby saving them considerable follow up costs.


Tax planning


Our comprehensive approach to tax planning is very practical and cost effective. Our Firm actively advises on the establishment of new business presences by foreign businesses, including structuring the establishment of regional representative and business offices.

We also provide Hong Kong tax advice, including planning for profits tax, salaries tax and stamp duty. We also review employment contracts for expatriates to make sure that they are tax efficient.





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