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Data security and safeguards


At our firm we combine technical expertise with strong industry knowledge to deliver value to our clients. We offer business focus accounting solutions coupled with the highest level of client service.


Everyone at our firm has access to the latest technology to ensure fast and effective communication.


This includes:

  • Our secure knowledge management system, which has access to our previous clients work and precedents, thereby ensures maximum accuracy and efficiency in handling clients work

  • Our secure network and IT system, where staff can only access information on their computer, whether they are working in the office or on site. When our staff are working at clients’ offices, they have access to their office desktop via VPN and all the processing and saving of information is still being made on the physical computers in our office. This means that our client information on the company network is not transferable outside of our Firm.

  • Our staff cannot access, record and remove information by using external memory devices like USB pen drives or DVDR drives, nor can they be uploaded to the cloud using services like Gmail.

We expended a significant amount of resources to protect our client data and we believe our system affords the best protection of our clients’ data given the level of resources available to us.


Online services


We recognise that for some clients, you may need a high level of connectivity with us. We are exploring opportunities to tailor make several online services that offer clients immediate access to:

  • Customised project management extranets, so that you can be aware of the exact status of our work like an audit, and what action you as a client can take to speed along the process.

  • Data rooms and remote access to all the latest documentation, up and downloading of files without going through the email ecosystem. This will further secure your data and communication with us.


We will be pleased to discuss these services with you in more detail.



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