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Work life balance


We believe strongly in work life balance. Accounting is a competitive industry and working overtime is sadly an unhealthy norm. Our firm are committed in breaking away from tradition, and this is achieved by planning and organising our workflow using industry leading technologies, enabling your efficiency by giving you knowledge management tools, by closely mentoring your work and seamless communication with Seniors and Managers. Our firm culture is open and transparent.


On average our Associates have seven months of working days where no overtime are required. We believe that having sufficient time off allows a candidate to properly rest, recuperate, and study for his or her exams. The HKICPA QP exams are especially vigorous, and preparation are best done daily.


We offer generous study leave and examination leave. These are subject to our firm policies and will be explained during orientation and the probation period. You can also use your accrued annual leave entitlement towards studying for your professional exams. Unless there are special circumstances these applications will usually be approved without hindrance in order to help you along your studies.


We believe strongly in training. You will be participating in various learning opportunities and seminars, usually run by HKICPA or the SCAA, that are relevant to your work. These will develop your technical competencies and enhance your work quality and studies. Training costs will be covered by the firm but may take place outside business hours. You will be highly encouraged to attend.


You will also be guided on the job by your colleague and assigned mentor to make sure that your work is sufficient and up to our required standards. Our firm leverage current industry leading technologies in our work and broke away from the traditional way of preparing audit working papers, issuing financial statements more than a decade ago. The leveraging of technological advances enable our colleague to improve their efficiency and also to ease into a bigger environment further along their career, for example a position with the Big 4 or commercials when they choose to move on. We believe this is one of the differentiating factor with other firms of similar sizes.


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